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2023 winners

       In MEMORY of        

Prof. Sir Charles K. Kao

Let’s follow his footsteps in dedicating time and efforts to advancing the technological frontiers and applications for the betterment of mankind.

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As a biennial competition of technological innovation among full-time students in CUHK, Prof. Charles K. Kao Student Creativity Awards (PCKKSCA) aims:

  • to promote the culture of innovation on campus;

  • to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration among undergraduate and postgraduate students to innovate in technologies relating to engineering, medicine, science and social science; and

  • to promote entrepreneurship amongst students.




Submission Deadline

3 March 2023

Email Announcement of Shortlisted Entreies

31 March 2023


15 April 2023

Award Ceremony

1 June 2023

Project Categories

Life Sciences
(including biology, agriculture, pharmacy, medicine, health, hygiene, food science, etc.)


Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering
(including energy, materials, petroleum, chemistry, ecology, environmental protection, etc.)


Information Technology

(including computing, telecommunication, communication, electronics, etc.)


Mathematics and Physics / Mechanics and Control Systems

(including mathematics, physics, earth and space science, mechanics, instrumentation, automation, engineering, transportation, building engineering, etc.)

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Deep learning.png
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